Friday, September 24, 2010

New Team Members and a Camera

I am overwhelmed by the response to support letters.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed!! What I never realized before this experience is how humbling it is to be in this position. To see how people have given so sacrificially is indeed humbling and a rebuke. One week from yesterday is October 1st. When I think of what God has done in the past month, I am again in awe. When I think of how we will see Him work in the month to come, I am excited.  To anyone that may happen to read this that is older and more mature, you maybe be thinking, "how naiive!" But to have as my only choice to lean on Christ is a thrill indeed. Though I trusted Him to a degree before, I am learning to trust Him in new ways. Each day is another opportunity to exercise this new trust.  For example, the other day I was praying about a new camera. My dear old Kodak of 5 years finally stopped working, and I was trying to rationalize spending 2 years abroad with no pictures to illustrate what I was doing. I asked the Lord about it, and gave the thought of a new camera to him. I knew it was a little thing, and if He wanted me to go without it, than I would. So yesterday, by way of some tithe money, some forgotten birthday money, and a UPS truck that had no idea it was delivering a gift from God, my cute little Samsung SL50. I know that this wasn't something REALLY exciting like a plane ticket, but to me who doubts much, it was just another evidence that God cares about the little things. Because if He provides for the little needs, then He most certainly cares for, and is in control of the big ones.

I also wanted to share what a blessing it has been to spend this time at home. God has a way of making us be still, and I am enjoying the quiet time and spending quality time with my incredible family. I do not deserve to be so blessed! I have also been soaking up the fellowship with my wonderful church family. After being away at BJU for so long, it is good to be back and renew friendships. God has given a wonderful praying support-group of Christian young women, and I have been blessed by spending time talking and praying with them. At a time of life when my side of conversations consists of support, Germany, me, support, Germany, and more support percentages, these women have served to broaden my perspective past myself.  What amazing fellowship we can have when coming to God's presence together!

 "The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance." Psalm 16:6 

As I contemplate the measures I am to take with support-raising, I must keep before me the blessings He as already given. He is faithful!

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