Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Dear Friends,

What an amazing journey of faith this time of raising support has been, and it's only the beginning! I am ridiculously excited to be leaving for Germany and BFA to start a new season of ministry! God has supplied so much, and through so many of you! Thank you so much for partnering with me, both in prayer and financially. It has been humbling to watch the ways that God has led so many to give. I will continue to post here about the things God is doing at BFA. When I think about how big He is and how He blessed the last time, my heart thrills to think of the possibilities this new season holds.
I have to admit that over the last week, as I've prepared to leave, I've had some recurring sadness as I realized all over again that I won't be going back to help shepherd (and feed!) a guys' dorm. God gave such amazing relationships with students and staff, and I will truly miss serving in that capacity. However, I am thrilled to be teaching music, sharing something that is so much a part of me and fostering a love for it in my students. God created us as relational beings, and I know that just as He caused these opportunities to come alongside students before, He will do the same.

So please pray for me!

  • Pray that I will, first and foremost, draw closer and closer to Christ. That is one of the best things you can ever pray for anyone in ministry! 
  • Pray for safe and on-time flights.
  • Pray that I will get over jet lag quickly and be able to come alongside the staff and help in any way that I can before the semester ends. 
  • Pray that the remaining funds needed to allow me to be fully funded would come in.
  • Pray that as I transition I would be humble, teachable, and ready to serve.

My heart is filled with a good theme, and I am overjoyed to be part of the work that God is doing!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Getting Closer!

Last week was full of the kind of excitement the leaves you wondering what this new week is going to hold. My support has taken a dramatic turn upwards, and I am now only $275/month shy of boarding an airplane. The more I think about the amazing way the God is meeting this need, and the way He is moving people to partner with me, my heart is filled with gratitude. I am excited to say that I have begun the packing process, even though I don't yet have a departure date. For those of you who know me well, you know that packing is one of my LEAST favorite activities, so I'm thankful for a little extra time in which to do it. I am also looking forward to the day when my blog posts are not filled with pleas for support, and I am free to share about what God is doing in the community in Germany!
So my requests for this week are simple. First, would you please pray that God would move in the hearts of those whom He wishes to partner with me, and that they would respond quickly? I have a sense of urgency about this request, that is not an unwillingness to wait on God's timing, but simply a desire to encourage His people to act promptly. I have been praying that He would allow me to return to Germany this month, and I believe that this could become reality!
Second, would you consider partnering with me, either through a one-time gift, or as a monthly supporter? Please feel free to email me: Laurenholland25@yahoo.com, or click on the following link to donate https://give.teachbeyond.org. Be sure to specify that your gift is for me, "Lauren Holland."

In the next few months I am excited to begin blogging about some of the amazing things that God has been teaching me through studying a book I haven't visited for a while: Deuteronomy! What an amazing book, with lessons about passionate, whole-person service to Christ. I look forward to sharing with you!

Thanks for checking in, and thank you for praying!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

So Close!

As we begin the month of November, I'm already thankful for so many things. God has answered so much prayer, and in specific ways. My financial need in returning to Germany has been huge. Many have responded and given generously, and I want to say a huge thank you to everyone supporting me prayerfully and financially. I am humbled and encouraged by your partnership with me, and I pray for you daily. Not only is my percentage of support almost where it needs to be, my startup costs are completely covered. I am so excited to be able to leave and begin doing life in Germany!
I am also thankful for this time of waiting. I've shared more about this time in a previous blog post (10/25/14), but every day I thank the Lord for His perfect will and guidance.

Because of the amazingly generous giving of so many people, I am very close to being able to leave! Currently I only need $320 more per month until I reach 90%, and $580 more per month until I am 100% fully funded. Every amount matters at this point, so I want to invite you to partner with me. If you've been praying or thinking about the possibility of giving to missions, here's your chance. You can contact me at Laurenholland25@yahoo.com, or visit this link: https://give.teachbeyond.org and specify that it's for me. I am so close to reaching this goal! Please prayerfully consider what your part in this ministry could be!

As a quick refresher, here's a brief summary of what my ministry at Black Forest Academy will include:

  1. Teaching - private piano lessons, piano classes, various music classes, accompanying and coaching, and assisting in other ways in the music department.
  2. Mentoring - I hope to help lead a small group Bible study of students, and make the most of opportunities to speak into the lives of students. I also hope to help substitute in the dorms.
  3. Hospitality - I will seek to make my home and resources available to care for and minister to others, both in the BFA community and the German community. 
  4. Community - I have an ever-increasing burden for the German community surrounding BFA, and will be actively seeking opportunities to reach out and share the Gospel. This will involve a concerted effort to improve my German language skills!
Thank you for visiting my blog, and for your interest in my ministry! I look forward to sharing more answers to prayer very soon!