Wednesday, September 29, 2010

10% to Go!!

I am praising God for His marvelous provision today!! As of now, I have 70% of the support I need. Praise the Lord! However, in order to depart for BFA I need to have 80% of my monthly support pledged. I am currently in need of 10% more, which is $200 per month.  This could be 20 people at $10/month, 10 people at $20/month, 5 people at $40/month, 4 people at $50/month, 2 people at $100/month, or of course 1 person at $200/month. If you are interested in giving, or know of someone who is, please contact me: As soon as the last 10% is pledged, I can buy my ticket and make plans to leave. God's provision is awesome, and I am very excited to see how He is going to provide for this next stem. For information on how to give and giving options Click here: Donate Today!
God is so good, and I pray that more people will continue to catch the vision and partner with this ministry!

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