Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mid-May Thoughts

Busy as this time of year may be, one of the features that I love about this place is that there is always something going on. This evening I was privileged to attend an art exhibit by some BFA students, and I was touched by the level of their talent and excellence. Visual art intrigues me because it seems to me to be the visual equivalent of the textures created by dynamics,  articulation and expression in music (Artist friends, feel free to disagree…this is merely my perspective) Add individual personality and you have something truly unique. 

This last week also held home soccer games, which I always enjoy. Many of my students and small group girls are on the soccer teams, and it is so much fun to watch them passionately contributing to their teams. 

Staff Recital was also held on Wednesday evening. I was thrilled to take part for the first time as a teacher. As scary as the moments are before I start to play, there is nothing so satisfying as losing yourself in the music. My playing wasn’t perfect, but I hope that my students were able to see that it’s possible to finish in spite of memory difficulty. 

As wonderful as these events may be, and we have many more to go before the year is over, I feel most myself, who I’m supposed to be, in the moments between. During the conversations with students that happen in quiet moments, while spending time with a colleague, and especially in quiet moments of reflection and talking to God. I am so thankful for the opportunities I’ve had to reconnect with some of the guys that I worked with in the dorm. They have played a big part in making me feel welcome here again, and I’m thankful that I’m still able to be a part of their lives. I’m also really enjoying getting to know students who are new to me, and I’m almost…almost used to being called “Miss Holland”. I am so thankful to serve in a way that allows me to both pour out and be poured into, musically and spiritually.

Praise God with me:
  1. That many of the seniors have made decisions for next year. 
  2. For you!! My supporters who enable me to be here.
  3. For growing relationships with students.
  4. For great friends and roommates here.

Please pray with me:

  1. For my small group girls as they finish this year; that they will finish the year well, and say needed good-byes.
  2. For health in the school as a whole; we have had a LOT of sickness this year.
  3. For me to walk closer with God and that my relationship with Him would grow daily.
  4. That I would be sensitive to God’s leading in daily interactions with those around me.