Thursday, October 7, 2010

Getting Ready to Go

Just when we think we know the extent of the workings of God, He makes us marvel yet again! As of today, my support has reached the point which will allow me to depart for Germany and become part of the ministry there. Lord willing, I will be arriving at BFA next week! In truth, the time since late July, when all of this started, has passed rather quickly. However, as is true when we wait for anything, I often became a bit impatient. God has been incredibly good every step of the way, which causes me to look forward to His workings in the future with great anticipation. His way is best, always. 
Packing does not excite me (I don’t know why). The destination surely does. I’m excited to be in Germany, but for some reason the prospect of figuring out what to take and what not to take is a bit overwhelming. But just as He has been guiding thus far, I know His hand is in this as well. So just a few more short days and my life will have relocated to a new country, new people, and new responsibilities. As I write this, it seems hard to believe that time has finally come. The road of support raising has many twists and turns, but God is directing each one. All that matters is that our eyes are on Him. 
Once again, I want to say thank you to my faithful support partners. I'll be flying in an airplane on Monday, but you are the true 'wings' God is using to take me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your loving support. Now that He has enabled me to go, I trust His enabling to make me fit for this position. To Him be the glory! 

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