Sunday, August 30, 2015

Preparations and Friendships

Over the last week, there has been an air of excitement around the school. Starting last Thursday, everyone who works at BFA gathered at the school for All-staff In-service type meetings. In our morning sessions, we have had a number of guest speakers who have encouraged and inspired us as we begin the year. One of the biggest things I've been impressed with is the fact that as a part of BFA and international Christian education, I am part of something much bigger than myself, and I have a role to play. In the afternoons, we have had time to work on preparations for the coming year in our own classrooms and offices. This year I've moved offices, and am sharing a space with one of my illustrious musical colleagues. My desk is now located in the classroom where I will be teaching Music Appreciation as well as Piano 2. We've acquired a new keyboard this year, so we have more space than ever in which students can learn! I'm quickly getting used to the new space and look forward to all the possibilities it has to offer. I'll make sure to post some pictures soon!

In addition to teaching responsibilities, I will also be a junior class sponsor. This will involve planning fundraisers around the school, helping with a class trip, and likely a lot of other things I have yet to discover. I'm really looking forward to getting to know the students in the junior class, and working with the other sponsors!

Also, in preparation for the new school year, we spent a day cleaning around campus. While cleaning might not be everyone's favorite activity, I really enjoy the opportunity to working alongside other staff whom I might not see much over the course of the semester. Cleaning stairwells is fun when you have great people to work with! I've also been enjoying the chance to spend more time with people in the community here. These friendships and others have played a big part in helping point me to Christ and accountable during my time here. I'm continually reminded that God has placed some wonderful people in my life, from roommates, to officemates and department colleagues, to friends who live down the street. These relationships are truly iron-sharpening-iron and I am thankful for them.

In closing, I just want to say thank you to my financial and prayer supporters!! I thank God for you every time I think of you.

Praise the Lord with me:

1. That I'm able to be back at BFA on time this year!!
2. For you, my financial and prayer supporters!
3. For excellent, thought-provoking sessions during the All-Staff meetings.

Please pray with me:

1. For our students as they travel to Kandern over the next few days.
2. For last-minute preparations as we approach the first day of classes.
3. That I will begin the school year strong, and be open to what my role will look like this year.

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  1. As always, you inspire me with your up-beat, Christ centered perspective. I realize things are not always what they appear, but you are absolutely correct that having that accountability factor does help one stay focus on the One that should receive our focus. Praying for you, dear sister as you begin your new school year.