Tuesday, August 11, 2015

How Many Days Until Christmas? or Csehy?

As a child, I used to look forward to holidays and birthdays, often counting down the days. Christmas was my favorite! When those special days came they would fly by, leaving me eagerly awaiting the next one. Being involved with Csehy Summer School of Music is my summer equivalent. We plan for it and talk about it through the year, and then in a few short weeks, it’s over, and we’re back to looking through pictures and talking about how much we can’t wait for the next one. I am so incredibly thankful to spend my summers as a part of this organization that has an equal focus on both music and Christ. My responsibilities this summer as Lead Counselor involved mentoring the counselors, interacting with students, organizing schedules, travel arrangements, and 100 other things that might bore you if I listed them here but are all a part of helping Csehy move forward. Having family around for the majority of the time was a huge bonus! This summer was a busy one, but God was busier. It’s truly a privilege to see the way that He works in the hearts of the students at Csehy. Please pray with me that the seeds planted will grow in His time!

I am so thankful to serve with Black Forest Academy during the school year, and Csehy Summer School of Music in the summer. I am continually reminded of how similar these organizations are. Both have Christ and His love for others, especially students, at the heart of their mission. This particular summer was my 17th one affiliated with Csehy; this coming school year is my fifth involved at BFA, and I pray that that relationship is a long-term one as well. Both are tightly connected communities that are continually welcoming people in; the kind that takes root deep inside your heart and leaves you dreaming about what Heaven will be like. 

This weekend will find me wandering the streets of Kandern, Germany once again, and I couldn’t be more excited about the coming school year. This semester my responsibilities will include teaching group piano class, Music Appreciation, and private piano lessons, as well as doing a large amount of accompanying and collaboration. I’m excited to be taking on a few other projects as well, which I will share more about in the future as they unfold, so stay tuned! I’m also praying about the possibility of being a small group leader again and taking on the role of a class sponsor. As a class sponsor I would be involved in organizing events for a specific class and getting to know the students in it. This is an exciting opportunity to be able to mentor and disciple, and one I’m very excited about! There is much to look forward to in this new semester and school year, and I am continually grateful for you, my supporters, who enable me to be a part of what God is doing at BFA. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. 

Praise God with me:
  1. For a wonderful summer at Csehy and beautiful times with family and friends.
  2. For God’s unchanging faithfulness
  3. For the ability to return ON TIME to Germany for the start of a new school year!!!!
  4. For faithful supporters who give so selflessly to the Lord.

Pray with me:

  1. For wisdom in balancing my time in the coming school year. 
  2. For many precious hearts to be touched for Christ this year.
  3. For me to be the best I can be in the roles which God has called me to: teacher, friend, roommate, etc. 
  4. That I will fiercely guard my personal time with God.

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