Thursday, December 11, 2014

Settling in

After successful flights, and a safe arrival in Kandern, I am enjoying getting settled in, meeting new friends, and reuniting with old ones. I've spent significant time in the last few days accomplishing tasks that allow me to feel more at home, as well as trying to wrap my brain around this transition. Per usual, this transition looks different than I had expected. There are definitely hard aspects. I miss those of you who were a huge part of BFA for me before. On more than one occasion while at school or walking around Kandern I've found myself looking for you. Sometimes I feel as though I am living in a ghost town. "[insert your name here] used to live there!" But it's not totally depressing, and leaves me feeling very grateful for the lives that have touched and changed my own. I also miss working in the dorm and often feel compelled to ask to drive a dorm van. I assume this will change, and can only hope so. :)

But there are so many amazing aspects of this transition. I have an office now, with my name on the door! And I have a piano, and another unique vantage point into life here. I get to go to department meetings and be part of a new team. I live in a beautiful home with two other women who are a privilege to do life with. From the moment they picked me up at the airport, I have been continually grateful for the smooth transition they have given me into our home. I've gotten to see and begin to catch up with many of the guys who I shared time with at Sonne. Last Sunday I had the privilege of sharing a meal with them, and was overwhelmed with a loving welcome. Mixed with so many familiar faces are many others that are new to me, but I am so grateful for the way so many have reached out to me. Can you tell that my heart is full? Over the last two weeks, I've gotten registered at the rathaus (or town hall), and spent time completing other tasks that contribute to living here for more than only a month or two.  I've also tried to spend time at school each day so that when I officially start next semester, I won't be unfamiliar. Through all of this, the cry of my heart is that God will make clear to me what my role is to be at this time, and in this place.

To all who are praying for me and who have given to allow me to be here, I want to say a huge thank you!! I look forward to sharing more as I find my new normal.

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  1. Missing you stateside but grateful for God's provision and using there in Kandern!