Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Csehy Week 5 - Struggles and joys

It’s not really the end of July, is it? I can hardly believe that this summer has flown by so quickly. The 5 weeks spent at Csehy are nearly finished, and this makes me very sad. Each year, I am more aware of and involved with what goes on behind the scenes. I enjoy helping and watching things work from the inside and trying to help things run efficiently. I also love the personal interaction I am able to have here with the students, staff and faculty. Many of the faculty and staff have become mentors to me and have spent significant time investing in me. Working with the counselors is also one of my great joys. Each one brings so many strengths and abilities to the team, and I am continually encouraged and built up by being around them.  I am personally encouraged by the love that they each have for their campers. Each night we pray as a group. This time of prayer is an intense time of praying and sharing burdens. Many nights there are tears both of struggle and joy. They are a very special group of people. I asked several of the counselors to share why they love Csehy, and what they struggled with. Here is what they said:

“The fellowship, the people that are here. As a camper, I didn’t really see that. But this each year I see it and my need for it more clearly.” – Philip, counselor office assistant

“I love the campers and the interaction with them, and the interaction we can have. Also the whole counselor dynamic and the group. The first week was challenging because I felt that there was a lot I didn’t know about or know enough about.” – Aimee, 1st year counselor

“[I love] The opportunity to have a super-boosted time of growth because here you can step away from life and have time with God. You can step away from the things that are normally a distraction from your relationship with God.” Shawn, counselor

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