Sunday, May 29, 2011

One week to go!

Only one week left. It hardly seems possible! We have had so much going on here, so I'm going to attempt to catch you up. First, I had the privilege to help lead a BFA missions trip to Slovenia in April. We did community service projects, and made some fantastic new friends in the country. 
Team Slovenia 2011 

Painting benches

playing games with new friends

Beautiful Slovenia
Second, we had Junior-Senior Banquet which is exactly what it sounds like. Our Juniors put together a nice program and formal dinner to honor the Senior class. The evening is filled with tributes and songs and talent acts, and is an all-around good time of food, friends, and laughter.
Some handsome Sonne guys ready for Jr/Sr Banquet

Students at JSB

Fellow RAs

with my Seniors

Sonne staff pic, courtesy Chris Jones

Some of my talented guys performing at JSB 

Second, I was able to return to the US for a very short weekend for the wedding of some dear friends of mine. God graciously provided the money for a ticket, and I flew to the States on Friday, intending to fly back to Germany on Sunday, arriving on Monday. However, due to several different factors, I was significantly delayed in Philadelphia, and was unable to fly out until the next day. Because of this, I was blessed to go home for the night and see my family, something I had not anticipated. This was the first time I had seen them since I left in October, so it was a HUGE blessing. It was funny, because I had told some friends here that I just wanted to go home for a few hours and talk with my family. I got to do just that!  Plus I got to fill up on hugs, which I haven't gotten much of in a while. Hugs are some of my favorite things in the world, and there is nothing like receiving them from those you love. 

the lovely bride and me

So as we finish this year, we appreciate your prayers. Please continue to pray for strength, endurance, and joy in the little things! Thanks!


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