Monday, August 29, 2016

Reflections on the end of Summer

"I've learned that God's timing is perfect, He knows in advance the who, what and when of every situation; I can't plan God's actions for Him." - Csehy Counselor

Dear Readers,

For the last month or so, I've been processing and pondering. How to sum up one of the fullest summers of my life thus far? Some words that come to mind are intensity, joy, longing, and most of all peace. It is my deep privilege to serve at the Csehy Summer School of Music, helping to lead the team of counselors, and contributing to life there in any way necessary. More than ever before, this year I was asked by my colleagues and friends at Black Forest Academy, "WHY, after a busy school year, would you choose to spend your summer at CAMP??" While Csehy has been part of my life since I was thirteen,  in my adult life I have pondered this question myself. But, as with anything in life, when God's calling is evident, one simply must obey. This summer was full of many things, and I find myself mulling over the contrasts. We watched those among us walk through deep loss and family hardship, while others basked in the joy of great spiritual growth. At times I missed people so much my heart ached, and yet I also experienced the joys of the deep community in unexpected ways. I felt so inexperienced, and yet enjoyed the knowledge (and dare I say, wisdom?) that comes with knowing an organization well for a long time. I was unable to participate much in the musical aspect of camp, and yet being able to sit and just listen refreshed my soul. I think I have felt this contrast most within our team of counselors. There are so many details and difficulties to be sorted through and prayed over. We have wept together, prayed together and rejoiced together. (They also throw a great surprise birthday party!) When we sat down for our first session of counselor training, I couldn't help but wonder what joys and sorrows we would walk through together, and what God would do through all of it.  There is beauty in the contrast because it broadens and deepens our comprehension of Him - God is at work in ways I cannot see and is not dependent on my knowledge of His ways. Praise be.

After such a busy camp season, I was so grateful to spend some time away with my family. Having everyone together is becoming a rare occurrence, and we jump at any opportunity to make it happen! I love my siblings in any combination, but all of them at once is pretty fantastic!

I am currently back in Germany busily preparing for the start of another school year. It has been so good to be back in Kandern, spending time with friends who have become so dear over the last several years. The year ahead holds many exciting things, which I look forward to sharing with you as they happen! By Tuesday evening all of our students will have arrived, and Wednesday morning starts with opening assemblies and ends with a flurry of activity. Thursday and Friday are our first full days of classes. This year I will be teaching both Piano 1 and Piano 2, as well as Music Appreciation. If you had told me 3 or 4 years ago that I would love teaching group piano or music history, or even private lessons as much as I do now, I never would have believed you. Again, God is at work in ways I cannot see, and is not dependent on my knowledge of His ways. He knows better than I do. What can I do but trust Him? Please pray that He will draw my heart closer and closer to His, and that I will be His hands and feet to our students and staff. Pray for openness and tenderness to Him in the hearts of our students, and pray for words and wisdom as I encounter opportunities to speak into their lives.

These thoughts are in no way perfect, and I'm sure as soon as I post, I will think of many more things to be shared. For now, I'm simply grateful for God's calling, and the way He confirms that in my mind and heart. I'm grateful for my financial and prayer supporters who give and pray so faithfully! Thank you for your selflessness!

There are auditions to be heard and lessons to plan, my friends, and I must get some sleep. Much more to share later.

May the Lord bless you and keep you,


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  1. Always a delight to read your words of how our great God has been working in and through you! (Loved getting some FaceTime, too!) I thank the Lord for long distance friendships that keep us on our knees praying often without knowing of the need. Keep on looking to Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith!