Monday, November 16, 2015

Urgent Prayer Update

Dear Praying Family and friends,

As you went to bed on Friday or woke on Saturday morning, you may have heard news of the 
terrible attacks that have happened in Paris on Friday night. There were numerous shootings
 and explosions in very public places around the city. So I wanted to inform you that our BFA 
community is safe, that friends I have who are in the city are safe, and that it seems that the 
situation is under control. The French borders have been closed, which raises concerns for 
BFA students who live in France and commute daily. (The nearest border is about 20 minutes 
away). Now more than ever the city, and the continent need your prayers. The hashtag 
#prayforparis is ubiquitous today on social media, so when you see it, please do pray. But
 when you do, pray not only that the violence will end for now, but pray for hearts to turn to 
Christ. Pray that Christians in the city and all over Europe will act, reaching out in compassion 
with the good news of the Gospel. May our hearts, like Jesus, be 'moved with compassion'. 
The need of the human heart is always great, but situations such as these make us even more
 aware. So pray, friends, pray. For Paris, for France, for Germany, and for all whose hearts do 
not know the presence of the Prince of Peace. Those who were behind these attacks may be
 powerful, but we serve the living, true God, Whose power is beyond our comprehension, and 
He is coming. 

Such an event happening so close by is unsettling, but my heart is gripped when I think of 
those for whom these acts of violence are an everyday reality. News from the refugee crisis in 
Syria and other countries is constantly in the news internationally. Many European countries 
are offering them asylum, and Germany is at the fore. At least 800,000 refugees will be 
welcomed into the country over the next months, and that number will likely increase. This 
raises safety concerns, but also excitement - the mission field is literally coming to us. Pray 
that we will take advantage of every opportunity to help and be Christ's hands and feet to
those who have been displaced.

School is going well, and I will post an update regarding other aspects of life soon, but I 
wanted to invite you to pray with me specifically about these two areas.  

Even so, Jesus come quickly.

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