Sunday, September 13, 2015

First Week of Classes

The first week of classes can be hectic, exciting time, and this past week did not disappoint! While schedules are still being solidified, I feel as though I have a good handle on what the semester could look like. My Piano 2 students have a wide range of musical experience, and are already catching on quickly to the material I present. We have even enjoyed a bit of group improvisation already! On Friday, they were assigned to play a piece for the class that represented what they enjoy about playing the piano. Their pieces reflected a variety of things, from pieces they learned in Piano 1, to songs that evoke a reflective mood. This assignment gives me a brief glimpse into how they think and what they value, and also helps as I assign pieces for them to learn in the future.

Music Appreciation is also going well. I have several students who simply need the class for credit and have marginal interest in music, a few who enjoy making music as a hobby, and two who are considering it as a career choice. Their common ground is that they enjoy thinking and making insightful observations. I've been pleasantly surprised by the quality of their work already. The challenge I face is putting words to something I feel so deeply about, and communicating effectively to my students. This week we'll be doing more in-depth discussion about early music as well as ways to discuss music more effectively, including terms to use to describe it, etc.  The discussion is bound to be interesting, and I look forward to keeping you updated!

This coming week is Spiritual Emphasis Week, and every day will start with a chapel service. Please pray for open hearts for both students and staff, and that we will have ears to hear and tender hearts to receive what God has for us. This Tuesday night I'll also be meeting with my small group for the first time. I have a group of junior girls this year which I'll be co-leading with a dear friend. I'm really excited to start to spend time with them!

There is a lot going on, but through the busyness of the season, my heart is encouraged because of our God Who never changes, and is always faithful.

Praise God with me:
1. For the safe arrival and provision of support for our new housemate, Sarah Mol!! We are so excited to have her in our home!
2. For God's continued provision of my own support, and for YOU my supporters!!
3. For God Who never changes.
4. For a great first week of classes and for the opportunity to grow in my teaching ability.

Please pray with me:
1. For Spiritual Emphasis Week - for those leading, and those attending
2. For Impact Day on Wednesday, when the entire high school will be involved with service projects in the Kandern area.
3. For wisdom and insight for my first meeting with my small group.
4. That my personal time with God will be deep and sweet.

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  1. How great that Sarah is back! Jersey girls, together again! Please give my warmest greetings to her and MAKE her give you a hug as she tells you, "This is from Lindy!!" LOL. Seriously, though-I am excited for you that you are so excited about the year with all the new responsibilities and situations. (I am commenting to you when I have lesson plans to finish up--shame, shame). I had SUCH A FANTASTIC TIME with your folks and Mark last weekend! The Lord ALWAYS when we need those encouragements. God bless you, dear sister, as you minister to those precious souls there in Kandern. 💝