Wednesday, May 28, 2014

New Development

Just over a year ago, I entered a transition back to life as I remembered it back in the US. I knew it hurt a lot, and that it would continue to hurt. Nothing could have prepared me for all that this year held, or for the joy that has come.

The question of what to do and where to go next school year has been on my heart through the year. I love being part of the team at Pilgrim and the ministry there is deeply valuable and important. Working with the students and faculty has been an honor. Through all of the experiences and lessons brought into my life this year, two things have been clear to me. God has given me a love for third culture kids that goes far beyond simply missing those I have known, and He has also given me a distinct love for Germany and its people. So, after seeking wise, Godly counsel, and continually laying my own heart before the Lord, it gives me great joy to announce that I am planning to return to Germany and Black Forest Academy in the fall. I have been offered a position in the music department, teaching private lessons, accompanying LOTS, teaching music appreciation classes, among other things. I also plan to get involved with leading a Bible study for high school girls, helping out in the dorms, getting involved in the Gerrman community, and otherwise filling the role that God has for me. Some have asked how long I will be there. At this point, I am looking at a 5 year commitment. This is not a matter of like vs. dislike. It is a matter of following the call of God on my life so that He can accomplish His purpose in me, through me, and in the lives of others.

The goal is for me to return to BFA by the end of August, so I am in the midst of raising support that will enable me to go back. The need is urgent, and I am prayerfully seeking those who would partner with me, especially on a monthly basis.  I would love for you to join me! If you feel that this is something God would have you pursue, please either click on the following link, or simply contact me personally via email: or If you would like more information about BFA, you can find more information here:
More than anything I am in need of your prayer support! I look forward to sharing this journey with you as it unfolds!

Black Forest Academy, Kandern

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  1. Guess I can start planning my western Europe trip now? Very excited for you, Lauren. You know you go with my prayers. Sad for us here stateside who will desperately miss your joyful, infectious laugh and your amazing God-given talent!