Monday, January 21, 2013


Last week, the guys had exams, so the schedule was a little different. I had a little extra time in the evening to chat with the guys, which was awesome. I'm constantly amazed by the people God is shaping them to be, and I wanted to introduce you to one of them. This post is a little delayed, but it was such a fun conversation, that I wanted to share it with you anyway. Enjoy!

If you were sitting with me right now, you'd be sitting on a couch in our cozy living room. It's been snowing all day, so it's cold outside, but the house is warm. Most of the guys are in their rooms, or in the computer room studying. They have midterm exams Monday through Wednesday this week. Nico, a sophomore from Marseille, France, just plopped down next to me, and we are sitting talking about his day, the exams he has tomorrow, and lots of other random subjects.

LH: What is your favorite french food to make?
Nico: Tartiflette, which is from the French Alps, the Savoie. It's potatoes cooked in a cream sauce with onions and bacon bits, and on top you put this French cheese called reblochon (you have to use this cheese, no other kind!).
LH: What did you enjoy about living in Marseille?
Nico: The history there. The city was founded a long time ago by the Phoenicians. Also, the are lots of beautiful hills in the countryside around the city. I also love the nature along the coast. There are beautiful cliffs where I have gone rock-climbing and cliff-jumping. I LOVE the Proven├žal accent. A lot of people don't like it, but I do.
Also, Before my church bought its building, the building was a pizzeria. It even has real pizza oven. For years they have planned pizza nights, where the elders would make pizzas. One of the elders was a baker. A couple years ago, one of the else said he was tired of doing it, and passed it on to me. He told me what to do and when to be there, and then I took it over. A lot of people invite their friends. They're going to try and do a pizza night in the spring when I am home.

LH: What do you like most about BFA? What's your favorite part of life here?
The dorm. Because its awesome. Everybody gets along, all the guys are really cool. Some of the guys are role models for me.

LH: Was the transition to dorm life easy?
Nico: Yes, pretty much. I'm not too picky about transitions.

LH: What's your biggest challenge?
Nico: BFA is a bubble, everybody knows about everything.

LH: What do you want from life?
Nico: I have a lot of interests. I could see my life going a lot of different directions. Maybe going to a cooking school in France, or college in the UK. But then there's graphic arts, which is really interesting to me. I'm doing really well in that class this year. I'm also interested in being a sports trainer or language teacher.

Please pray for Nico, and his fellow students, as they continue on in school here. They are learning and growing, thinking about many things. Please continue to pray for our staff here as well, that we would have wisdom to guide and come along side them.

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