Saturday, October 20, 2012

Catching Up

So it's been a little while since I've blogged last, and so much has happened. The school year has been in full swing for about 5 weeks, and we have already seen God's hand at work in so many ways, both in ourselves and the students, that it has been hard for me to verbalize. These last weeks have been filled to overflowing with change and transition on many levels. For one thing, the staff at Sonne is nearly completely new. Although helping new dorm parents and a new RA to acclimate to BFA dorm life, and specifically that of Sonne, could be super challenging, the word that comes to mind is overriding joy. They all approach life with energy and excitement, and have already endeared themselves to the guys. We are coming together well as a team, and I am so thankful. In this area, I find myself asking God the same question this year as I did in my first, "What is my role? with the staff? with the guys? in the BFA community?" It's very humbling, but also healthy, as it causes me to evaluate the role that I hold here. This year, it is again my privilege to walk primarily with the seniors. Already, I am immensely enjoying working with them, learning from them and growing with them. Each one is asking questions about life, learning to prioritize, and most of all desiring to please God with their lives. As a class, they lend a special unity to the dorm, and the younger students truly admire and respect them. In this setting it is really important to have a unified senior class because the influence they have filters down through the rest of the students. All of the guys enjoy spending time together, and with us as staff, and it feels like there is always laughter or good conversation to be had.
I also want to say a special thank you to all of you who are supporting me, prayerfully and financially. Throughout the two months I've been back in Germany, there has been confirmation after confirmation that staying a 3rd year in the dorm was the right decision. Sometimes after working through a difficult situation, even one that is extremely introspective and personal for me, it almost seems like God is somehow point it out to me, "This is why I led you back." So I am thankful, to Him for leading and providing, and to you for partnering with me.
I am hoping to blog more regularly from here on out, so thanks for checking in! Have a blessed day!

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