Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Hope

It is hard to believe that almost 5 weeks ago, I was helping with wedding preparations for some close friends, and getting ready for Csehy! Now we are nearing the end of Csehy, and what a season it has been! To say that I have been filled hardly seems adequate. It is amazing to me that while pouring out everything in me every day here, God can somehow fill me to overflowing. I absolutely cannot wait for what the school year holds. When people ask me how camp is going, one phrase is at the tip of my tongue, "God is at work here!" He is using the humble yielding of the faculty, staff, and counselors, and doing incredible things in the hearts of several hundred teenagers. Several have accepted Christ, and others have made decisions, and come away with a resolve to know and serve Him better. I was so blessed at the beginning of a week when my hall of campers went around to share testimonies and each of the six girls there shared a desire to take steps forward in their relationships with Christ. Wow! There has also been this remarkable sensitivity toward the steady hand of God changing hearts. Numerous campers have shared with me how deeply they desire to be freed from sins that they struggle with. It has been a joy to be able to look into so many eyes and tell them of the love of Christ. So, can you tell how amazing this summer has been so far? Well it doesn't end there. When I returned home from Germany after an incredible year, I was tired, wrung out, and hurting both physically and spiritually. This spring had held a lot of grieving for me, and I was ready to be done with it. I also knew that I had a lot of support to raise in order to return to Germany. TeachBeyond, my mission, now asks its members to have 90% of their monthly support committed before returning to the field. This is in our best interest, and I am thankful for this. However, with two weeks and counting before camp, I had practically no time at all to raise more support. Add to this the factor that my account was in the red. Not only did I need $1500 per month, I also owed money! I have to admit that I felt that I was staring up an unattainable mountain. I am able to joyfully tell you that as of today, most of my debt is paid, and I am at 65% of my needed support. This is the Lord's doing, and marvelous in my eyes!!!!! I praise Him for working in my behalf. All that I need is $450 per month worth of commitments, and I can return to Germany!!
Some have expressed concern that I will be going back at all, but I want to put those fears to rest. Over the past week or so, God has confirmed in my heart that my desire to return to Germany is not simply a desire of mine. It is His calling for me. So, I want to ask you something. If you are not already supporting me, would you consider partnering with me? I would be honored if you, my reader, would consider it. If you are already partnering with me, I want to say thank you! You have allowed me to be able to serve for 2 years already, and the fact that you are staying with me in prayerful and financial support is a blessing beyond words. Thank you!!
So, if you are interested in partnering with me, feel free to comment on this post, send me an email at, or contact me via Facebook.
You can also donate via paypal on the TeachBeyond website here:
Also, if you are interested in learning more about Black Forest Academy, please follow this link:

God is able, and I look forward to sharing with you the joyful news of my departure for Germany!!



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  1. Blessed by your words of how God has been blessing & using you this summer! For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus. God will continue to use you and meet your EVERY need as you continue to delight in Him and in His Will and Way for your life. Love and miss you, Lauren.