Thursday, May 24, 2012

All Grace

So it's a little late, at night that is, and also since I've posted. I am sitting up waiting for our guys who are on the soccer team to arrive home from tournament, which should be in about 20 minutes or so. Just hold the eyes open a little longer...We are super proud of our guys. The season came to a dramatic end with our guys losing 1-0 in the championship. Second place is something to be proud of though, because this team has really grown this season. It's been a quiet week with 7 of our guys away, and I am excited to see them walk through the door in a few minutes.
There is a nostalgia accompanying this time of year that is pervasive in every single event and conversation to be had. It is comprised of joy in accomplishment, sadness in leaving, contentment with memories made, and seasoned by the depth of time. Leaving and goodbye-ing are difficult, especially to do well. I struggle to do these things well myself, and it has been an interesting journey thus far with our seniors. Each one of them is making his exit in his own particular way, saying goodbye to people and places, doing things for the last time. As difficult as it may be to acknowledge all of these 'last things,' it is also very healthy, because for them (and us), it is an acknowledgement of truth. Doing this will enable them to actively preserve memories here and start well in a new place. If it seems that I am rambling, please forgive me. Since I am relatively new to this place, it is something I still struggle to wrap my mind around. Please pray with me for the guys as they transition. They need your prayers, and so do I. No one likes to say goodbye to friends, but we have to do it. Pray that they will transition well, and in a way that will enable them to start the next phases of their lives in a healthy way. Pray that I will be even more proactive in spending time with them, that I will speak truth gently and in love.
Not only are we saying goodbye to students, but the other 4 members of our dorm staff are leaving as well. They will still be in the BFA community, but the guys and I will miss their presence in the dorm greatly. This staff knows how to love well, and this is something I am praying will continue with our new staff next year. I am also saying goodbye to many close RA friends who have been here these last 2 years. We have walked through many dark valleys, and witnessed the incredible victories all side by side, and all clinging tightly to our Savior. These friends have sharpened and shaped me, and my life is richer because of them. This is not an end, it is merely the turn of a page.
As another year closes, more than anything I find myself extremely thankful. For friends, for my family who loves me, for my sending church, for everyone who prays for me, for my dear Sonne guys whom I love so much, for our wonderful staff, and most of all for my Savior who draws me closer to Himself daily. His grace is perfectly sufficient; it has brought me safe thus far, and will lead me home.

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