Monday, April 16, 2012

Quick Update

It's been a while! There has been A LOT going on here, with much to process and share, however my time is limited right now so I only have a minute to share a couple of prayer requests:
1) The guys are coming back today!!!!!!!!! Can you tell I'm a little excited? :) I'm totally stoked to see them, but I (and their families) would appreciate your prayers. Some of them are coming from areas of the world which you may have seen in the news recently, due to unrest so please, please pray for safe, uneventful travels for them.
2) We have the unique privilege of celebrating a dear friend's call to Heaven. Her death was completely unexpected and a shock. Please pray for her family, the BFA family, and especially the students here as they process.
3) 6 (or so) weeks til graduation! Not much time to wrap things up here, and yet SOOOOO much to do! please pray that we will make every minute count, and that God will be glorified in absolutely all of it.

I look forward to being able to share an even longer list of answers to prayer in another day or so!
Thank you!!



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