Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Student's Perspective: Caleb

When interacting with supporters back home, I often find myself saying, "I wish you could meet my guys!" So, I would like you to meet a good friend of mine. Caleb is a junior, and this is his first year at BFA and at Sonne. His brother was previously a student here as well. Caleb is a fun, intelligent guy, and so I asked him to introduce himself to you in his own words. 

“As a First year student here at BFA I had a lot of expectations. I came here, knowing that my brother had a great experience here and I wanted to have that same experience. What I found when I got here was nothing like what I expected. Yeah, there were a few disappointments like missing home, but many things far surpassed my hopes of what BFA would be like.

Living in a dorm is definitely hard at times, but it is also one of the best parts about being here. There is a great brotherhood and family feeling in the dorm and we are definitely closer than what I had expected we would be. The guys are all friends and the staff are here for us whenever we need them.

I also came here, being a sports lover, but not really knowing what I could do. I don’t play basketball or soccer which are pretty much the main options here at BFA. I found my sport on the wrestling mat and loved it! The bond in the dorm is carried over onto the sports teams and I definitely felt closer to the guys on my team than I ever had on any team before.

I think that is what makes BFA so great. We have the opportunities to make relationships with so many people, from different backgrounds, countries, and experiences. Almost none of us grew up together, and yet we make closer relationships than most people do in high school with the people they have grown up with.

Although it is often difficult living with 18 other teenage guys: it is usually noisy, there is little privacy and, of course, there are times when not everyone gets along greatly, we find a way to make it through and to love it. I often describe living in a dorm to my friends away from BFA who don’t understand it at all as this: It’s like living with 18 of your best friends all the time.

I am thankful to God for placing me in a place where I can grow socially, educationally, and spiritually…all at once."

Caleb at Christmas Banquet

PS: I apologize if the text in this post looks a little odd. I'm trying to figure out exactly what's going on! -L

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