Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Waterfall and other Adventures

Last Thursday our Juniors and Seniors departed on their class trips, the Juniors to Normandy and other points French, and the Seniors to Italy to explore cities such as Florence and Rome. The dorm is a very quiet place without them, and I’m realizing again the life and energy these guys bring. With only our freshmen and sophomores around for the weekend, we enjoyed a very laid-back weekend. On Saturday morning we took the guys to the nearby town of Todtnau. There is a large Rodelbahn there. Now what exactly is a Rodelbahn? I have to admit that I didn’t fully understand either, until yesterday. A Rodelbahn is a sort of downhill rollercoaster. You ride in a small car, and control how fast you go by how much you pull on the brakes. The one in Todtnau, twists and turns through 3 kilometers of countryside, and is the longest of its kind in Germany. Controlling your own speed flavors the experience with a sense of adventure, and our guys found it exhilarating (so did I!). We were blessed with perfect weather, so we took full advantage of it, walking around the town of Todtnau a bit before hiking to a nearby waterfall for a picnic lunch. The guys explored the area around the falls, while I sat off to the side and enjoyed soaking my feet in the cool water. It was a great, relaxing day outdoors, and one which I think everyone really enjoyed.

As we round the bend into October, the school year is proving to be full of activities and excitement, with new challenges every step of the way. I would ask you to pray for several things. First, for our junior class as they travel back tomorrow, both for safety and good health. Second, for the seniors as they continue to travel. They still have several more days of travel together, so please pray for good health, good attitudes, good bonding time, and spiritual growth. I have had several great conversations with some of the seniors already this year, so I would also ask for wisdom. I am note a wise person, but His grace is sufficient. Please pray that I would be humble in my dealings with all of the students and staff. Lastly, I would like to ask you to pray for a couple of health issues I have been having. Over the past months, I have been experiencing the symptoms of hypoglycemia. The doctors here have confirmed that in my case it is not linked to diabetes, but I still have some major dietary changes to make. Keeping a close watch on my diet’s content and frequency is involved. Please pray for will power, strength, and consistency. I’m just looking forward to feeling well all the time. I try not to post about health at the risk of sounding like I’m complaining, but this is going to be a big hurdle for me, so I would appreciate the prayer. Lastly, I would ask you to prayer for my sister, Carolyn’s support. She is at 40%, and has been for the past month. The dorm here really, really needs her, but we are trusting that this is God’s perfect timing. If you or someone you know would be interested in supporting her, please email me: Thank you so much for your support of me, prayerfully and financially! 

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