Sunday, September 4, 2011

The weekend again?!

When I got up yesterday morning one of the first things I thought was, “I can’t believe it’s Saturday again!” Time is flying already, and this weekend finds us at the end of the second week of classes. These first two weeks have been incredible already. We have 18 guys in the dorm, which is a little smaller than last year. We are praying for even more closeness and unity because of our smaller size. I am again on 3rd floor and in charge of the seniors. This is my joy and privilege. These guys are the reason that I am here. This year we have seven seniors, and each one is a joy to work with. While last year held the excitement of venturing into the unknown of dorm life at BFA, this year holds the comforting familiarity of strengthening relationships and building new ones. I am greatly enjoying getting to know each one and learning what makes him unique and distinct. Each one has his strengths, and each one has areas where he is growing and maturing. This year holds many opportunities for these young men, and I am incredibly excited to see what God will do in their lives!

The school year kicked off last Tuesday with opening ceremonies. During this, there was a procession of flags, charges to the Faculty and Staff, and a role call of nations represented. As I watched each student carry his flag and cheer as his country was read, I was both inspired and sobered by the great responsibility that I have. Each of these student comes from a unique background, and their parents are trusting them to our care for nurturing, discipline, and growth. I know that I am not capable of doing anything good on my own, therefore anything good that happens here comes from God. How amazing that He would choose to use us!
The students have been adjusting to their class schedules and dorm life well. Please pray for our four new students as they continue to adjust. The first time away from home and family for an extended time is a very difficult  thing for most people, so please pray that each one will learn to trust God in a new and bigger way.

At the beginning of each school year, our dorm holds an event called Floor Soccer, which is exactly what it sounds like. Each grade/floor competes against each other in a tournament, and it is tradition for the senior class to dress up in crazy costumes. Just wait until you see the pictures below! This year's floor soccer champions were my awesome 3rd floor seniors! It may have helped that they have 3 varsity soccer players on the floor...just maybe. 

I’m including some pictures that attempt to capture some of the beginning moments of the school year. Enjoy! And as always, thank you so much for your prayers and financial support! God is using you daily!

Dorm staff outing during staff orientation. Debbie, Marty, and Chris.

Julie and Tiffany at the RA outing to IKEA. Can you tell they're excited? 
Before: my room's previous color...

After: The red is gone, and my room is now a lovely shade of peach!

Charlie and RA Timmy are excited for floor soccer!

Juniors ready for floor soccer

First floor Freshmen and Sophomores ready for floor soccer!

Outside view of our dorm

Floor soccer!

Keith, GI, and Chan enjoying floor soccer

Seniors! the 2012 floor soccer champions! 

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  1. Thanks Lauren. I am praying for you and your kids. I also like the new color in your room.