Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The thoughts in this post may seem a bit scattered, but this can of increased activity in the dorm which, in this case, is a good thing. Gradually, I’m learning my place here, among the staff, and with the students. One good word that describes my goals in being here is “Balance.” Balance in relationships, developing new ones in the community here, and trying to maintain those from the states. Balance in getting to know my students, trying to help guide and discipline, but also learning when to come alongside and just be a friend. Learning how to balance time, giving sufficient time to meal preparation and other necessary activities in addition to rest time and sleep. For experienced parents who may be reading this, you are probably thinking “Wait til you have your own kids!” I just count myself blessed to have a chance to learn from the students here. I’m learning that all of life is learning, and I’m grateful for a patient Teacher, and fellow students.

I’d like to give you occasional glimpses into life here in the dorm to help you picture life here a bit better. One of my favorite times of the day is when the guys come home from school. They come bursting in the door, and the first thing they say is usually, “Snack!” After making a bee-line for the food and promptly devouring it, they settle down for a bit, some watching soccer games, some go to their rooms, and others hang out on the couches in the living room. Between this time and dinner time, if efforts are not being made towards homework, there is time for games and good conversation. I’ve become somewhat proficient at several new games since I’ve been here, and one of the guys has come up with about 10 different ways to play Uno. Though these may not seem like new and innovative ways to get to know people, I look forward to this window of time each day because of the time spent with the guys.

Recently I had the opportunity to spend some extra time out in the mountains. It was an incredible lesson in purpose. The nature surrounding me was incredibly beautiful, but as I looked around I realized that the mountains, trees, and everything around me was doing exactly what it was created for. Granted, the world is deteriorating, but still, God created those things to exist for His glory, and they were doing just that. Then it occurred to me that I, the thinking, feeling breathing human being surrounded by all this beauty, have difficulty choosing to honor my Creator. I found myself asking God to help me glorify Him and fulfill His purpose for me as completely as the nature around me. 

I'm going to try and post one more time this week, so maybe my next post will be a little more coherent :) 


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